How by simply saying ‘’Yes’’ in Vietnam, I found a new hobby.

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Imagine this. You are halfway across the world, just arrived yesterday on another continent for the first time. Now you are in the most unique and beautiful place you’ve been so far and someone asks you “Would you want to go kayaking?”

This all happened to me while in Vietnam and exploring Ha Long Bay — an area featuring thousands of limestone karsts and isles in various shapes and sizes. A friend and I had booked a one-day trip from Hanoi to explore this place, and neither of us expected to discover a new hobby that day.

After Enjoying a…

Turns out, all I needed was a community

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For the past six years, I have struggled with my weight, and I gained a total of 30 kilograms. I used to work out a lot while in high school. I had to stop because I needed more time to study for med school entrance exams. After I started going to university, things didn’t change. I continued making excuses why I don’t have enough time to work out.

Truth is… You can always find excuses not to work out: I am tired. I have to work. I have to finish a project. I want to go out with friends. …

You might find some amazing friends

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Here am I, sitting in a small coffee shop. Chatting with a girl from my university and having one of the most interesting conversations I have had so far this year. I have so much in common with her and I don’t get why all my friends told me she is weird. Well, actually I know why…

Everyone who sees the world in a slightly different way from the masses is considered weird. Whether it is a bad or a good thing — depends on the situation.

While most mean it in a bad way, if you ask me —…

How different was the experience

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I recently went skiing after almost 1 year of not doing almost any sports. Online studying and lockdowns were not good for my exercise habits. I tried to do some exercises at home several times a week. During the summer, I was able to do some hiking and kayaking, but all this wasn’t even close to the amount of walking and exercise I am used to doing.

When ski resorts opened in my country, I was happy to spend a day out in nature, doing something I enjoy. In previous years I was the one who wanted to be on…

Remember everything good that happens, and focus less on the negatives.

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With all the bad things happening in the world, now is more important than ever to remember every good thing in our everyday lives.

For the past few years, I have kept a very special box. It contains memories of all the good things that happened to me in the last 365 days.

I love January 1st. Not just because this is the start of a new year, filled with new opportunities. On this day I open my special box and go through all the amazing experiences I have had.

How to make your own Memories box

All you need a small box and sheets of paper…

How I did it and everyone else can too

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Social media plays a big role in our everyday lives. Instagram has more than one billion monthly active users and more than 500 million daily active users.

If you have any kind of business or brand, you can use Instagram to find more customers and engage with them. Maybe you are just a creator who wants to share their content and build a community. No matter what your end goal is — in the beginning, growing your Instagram page can be frustrating and demotivating.

With more than 100 million photos uploaded daily on the platform, it can be really hard…

How much do real followers cost?

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Instagram has become a powerful marketing platform. You can’t start a successful business nowadays without using it to reach more people. Even as an individual, you can use Instagram to promote your photography, writing, arts, or whatever else you do. You could also be from the third kind of people on Instagram, and use it just for fun.

This is the social network I spend the most time using. For me, Instagram is a place to share photos from my travels, and stay connected with my friends from all over the world.

My Instagram feed is filled with travel photography…

How to improve your time spent at home.

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The past few months have been weird for me. With studying and working happening from home, I have never been less physically active.

I never liked going to the gym. This doesn’t mean I wasn’t active. I was doing a lot of walking, every day achieving the 10K steps goal. I also went jogging from time to time and did some home exercises. Now it’s too cold outside for jogging, and also walking around the city is not that pleasant during the winter.

Following 30-minute workout videos on YouTube gets boring after a while, so I discovered a productive way…

But meeting your girlfriend changed everything

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We have known each other for years. Two kids growing up and discovering who they really are. Supporting each other up in tough situations and laughing together during good times.

I love spending time with you. The way we joke and have meaningful conversations for hours at a time. We know each other so well.

That’s why I always thought we would end up together, but never got the courage to actually tell you that I like you as more than a friend. I used to think about you for hours before I can fall asleep. Just receiving a simple…

Why arguing with people is meaningless and doesn’t change a thing

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Are you a good person? Do you have good intentions?

No matter who you ask those questions, the answer will always be the same — YES. Everyone is good, according to them. People generally don’t admit they are wrong. Others are wrong and don’t understand their views.

People who commit crimes do them with good intentions - based on some twisted story they are telling themselves.

“I have spent the best years of my life giving people the lighter pleasures, helping them have a good time, and all I get is abuse, the existence of a hunted man.”

— Al…

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